BUR-HAN Lawn Aeration

Lawn Aeration is the process of taking a 350 pound machine (aerator), running it over the lawn to remove thousands of tiny dirt plugs, and leaving them on the grass to provide a natural top-dressing. It will look as a gaggle of geese had come and gone!

Most lawns suffer from:

  1. Compaction (from traffic, snow, rain)
  2. Thatch (a build-up off un-decomposed grass clippings and debris)
  3. Lack of micro-organism activity within the soil

All of these contribute to poor lawn appearance.

Deep Core Lawn Aeration Benefits:

  1. Reduces soil compaction (immediately)
  2. Improves air exchange between the soil and atmosphere (immediately)
  3. Reduces water run-off and puddling (immediately)
  4. Improves fertilizer absorption (within 2 weeks)
  5. Improves rooting (within 3 weeks)
  6. Enhances thatch breakdown (within 1 month)
  7. Improves resiliency, cushioning and disease tolerance (within 1 month)

Lawn aeration takes some effort but within 3 weeks your lawn will be healthier, stronger and better looking. To learn more about our services, please visit our lawn care packages page.

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