At BUR-HAN, we have developed our own blend of fertilizers that are uniquely tailored to Vancouver’s wet coastal climate. We apply them at five different times over the year to optimize the health of your lawn.

Why is Lawn Fertilization Important?

Our spring and summer fertilizers provide the lawn with essential nutrients for each part of the season. Our standard fertilizer is a slow-release polymer coated fertilizer with micro nutrients. Our winterizer is a low nitrogen high potassium fertilizer that will help the grass thicken its cell walls, harden off and store food. We also provide Certified Organic slow-release fertilizers to our clients.

When to Apply Fertilizer to Your Lawn

By keeping seasonality in mind, the BUR-HAN team always applies the right type of fertilizer to the appropriate size of lawn that we are maintaining. This is essential to ensure that your lawn and garden get the right amount of nutrients no matter what month of the year it is.

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