Fall & Spring Leaf Clean Up

Seasonal garden maintenance is an important step in keeping your lawn and garden healthy all year round. BUR-HAN Garden and Lawn Care offers a Fall + Spring Leaf Clean-Up service which includes:

  • clear and clean up your fallen leaves and needles
  • keep your paths safe
  • power rake leaf raking
  • protect your garden and lawn from leaf debris

Why is Leaf Clean Up Important?

Debris buildup can cause your lawn and garden to suffer from:

  • disease
  • damage
  • dangerous conditions for foot traffic during the winter months

Book a Leaf Clean Up Today

Call us at 604.983.2687 to book your Fall + Spring Clean Up today! We will come to your property once all the leafs are down and remove them from all areas of your property, give your lawn one final cut (if needed) and blow clean all hard surfaces. Go into the winter with a clean yard.   We can return in the Spring to prep your lawn and garden for peak gardening season.

For more information or to get free quote, be sure to contact the Bur-Han team today.

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