Fall Package

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Why care for your lawn during Fall?

As Fall approaches your lawn will soon be preparing for its long winter nap. At this time you want to be making sure that the grass has what it needs to protect itself of our very variable winter.

Our Fall Package includes:

Aeration in the Fall helps prevent puddling which can cause root rot and kill off sections of your lawn.

A Fall fertilizer is a special blend that has just the right amount of nitrogen to help your grass store enough food for the winter and an extra dose of potassium to thicken the plants cell walls and help it harden off.

Moss spraying in the Fall can prevent an moss in the lawn from getting too far ahead of dormant grass.   It will also and improtant micro nutrients to the lawn. It is also important to make sure that no debris is left on your lawn through the winter. Leafs left on a lawn will kill the grass below them as will sticks and branches.

We also offer Fall clean up packages for your landscape maintenance (lawn and garden needs) to prepare them for colder wetter conditions.

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