Fun Things Do Do On A Date In Vancouver, British Columbia

Fun Things Do Do On A Date In Vancouver, British Columbia 2018-06-18T13:27:12+00:00

Every couple comes at a time when they no longer know what to do for date night.

While couples do a lot of things together, there are some new ideas. They will help keep things interesting. Not all of these date ideas require a lot of work or a lot of money. You need that special someone.

We put together 19 date ideas that may seem a little silly, but you will have a good time. It is not really what you are doing but who you are doing it with.

Grab your partner and get going.

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local landscaper holding hands with his girlfriend infront of clouds


If you love to shop this is a significant date. Take a walk down Main Street and check out all the thrift stores such as F as in Frank, Front and Company, and the YWCA Thrift shop.

  • F as is Frank is located at 2425 Main Street
  • The Rag Machine is at 2425 Main Street in the Back Alley
  • Front and Company at 3772 Main Street
  • YWCA Thrift Shop at 4299 Main Street
  • The Society of Saint Vincent De Paul at 2741 Main Street

Fitness Date

Now is the time to get into shape together. The Eagle’s Bluff is a great place to hike. The Buntzen Lake train is also a romantic and brisk tour. Take some pictures when on the trail and then go home and have a romantic dinner and a glass of wine.

The Instagram Date

Go out and take some pictures to show to the world.

Go to New Heights

Take a little trip to Whistler and go bungee jumping as a couple.

They are located on the Main Street in Whistler.

Ride or Die Date

If you happen to come into a little bit it of money you can rent a Lambo for a day and take a tour of the city in style.

Bad and Bonjee Dinner Date

A dinner date does not have to be boring. There are some beautiful dining places that are close by.

They include:

Learn Something New

Educational dates can be fun. Science World is a great place to learn something new. As long as you do not mind the little kids running around you.

This is located at the Telus World of Science at 1455 Quebec Street.

Go Under the Sea

You can take a swim with the fishes at the Vancouver Aquarium. Well, they may not let you swim, but you can still see all the sea creatures.

Vancouver Aquarium at 445 Avison Way


The IKEA has a playhouse, and then you can go to the restaurant have enjoyed some homemade Swedish meatballs.

IKEA at Jacobs Road and 100 Lougheed Highway.

Let Your Inner Animal Out

You can take your dog for a walk, or you can go for a walk through the zoo. You can even rent side by side bikes here.

Greater Vancouver Zoo in Aldergrove

Have a Board Game and Beer Competition

If you did not go to the Storm Crow, this is a must see place. You can play some games including Jenga and have a glass or two of beer.

Have a Milkshake

Off the Grid Waffles has some games as well, and they also have ice cream and milkshakes. This is located at 2665 Kingsway.

Get Some Coffee

If you love this town, you will know there are some great coffee shops here. You may have a few favorites already. Have a nice cup of coffee as a couple.

Caesar Sunday Date

You can see the craziest Caesar in the city at The Score

Score on Davie at 1266 Davie Street

Cats and Caffeine

You may love cats but may not want to be tied down with the responsibility of taking care of an animal. You can enjoy a cup of coffee and play with some cats at Catfe.

This cats and coffee shops are located on W Pender Street at the International Village Mall. You will be helping out the animals as well.


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