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Landscaping for Real Estate

First impressions can be crucial, especially when it comes to real estate. Great landscaping can eas […]

Love Your Lawn – Winter Addition

So… you’ve taken our sage advice and hauled that mower down to the shop for a good cleaning, sharpen […]

How to Transition to an Organic Lawn

Keeping a healthy lawn requires year-long maintenance and care. From watering, mowing, fertilizing, […]

Top 4 Reasons to Hire a Commercial Landscaping Company

“You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” – Will Rogers
The preceding quote b […]

Summer Lawn and Landscaping Tips

The summer is heating up, and here’s hoping your lawn is ready for it. There is nothing worse for yo […]

Happy Spring Planting!

We know it’s Spring here, when Chris Kingdon, our operations manager starts picking up a load of fre […]

Garden Resolution – Year of the Horse

Garden Resolution Look skyward during these winter months, and you will see an overcast grey. Light […]

Communication Experts – Meet Ivan’s Wingman

Our clients are learning that our crews and teams have an android device that communicates with our […]

Grand Canyon – Bur-Han gives a quote

Welcome to the Grand Canyon! Our staff and team at Bur-Han are excited about working with all sorts […]