Best Neighbourhoods in Burnaby

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Burnaby, BC is proving to be a favorite place for many families. Find out what locations are right for a new house purchase. The best neighborhoods in Burnaby are a matter of debate for many. Do a little research ahead of time to identify the best places in the suburban area.

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Families will enjoy Metrotown because it borders Vancouver. There are plenty of shopping opportunities for people who want to enjoy their time there. Swangard Stadium is also located in the vicinity too. Expect many job opportunities in nearby Vancouver.

The Heights:

Considered to be historical, the Heights is another famous suburban district to consider. Much nostalgia can be seen around the city area too. New families will feel at home when they arrive at the Heights. There are plenty of restaurants available at the street level. That has encouraged a new community to take place around the Heights.

Burnaby Mountain:

Simon Fraser University (SFU) is located near the mountainous area. That is home to a lot of intellectuals and college students too. Breathtaking views of the scenery are also available to people in the community. Sculptures and other icons are also located nearby. Visitors come from all around the world to see these sights. That has convinced many to see the mountains for themselves.

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Families are going to be thrilled with Brentwood and its outstanding developments. It is a master planned community and people have taken an interest in that. Families are amazed by the expansive projects that are taking place already. It is expected to be completed in 2017 and will feature many amenities. Brentwood is a favorite place that people are going to enjoy in good time. See what the master-planned community has in store for people.

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