Best Bars In Vancouver, BC To Meet Singles

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There are ten great bars for meeting single women in the Vancouver area. To put together this list, I had to revisit my single days when I was allowed to go out at night.

As I try to remember this time I do know that there is not a shortage of single women in the Vancouver area that hang out at the bars and lounges. I have heard women wonder where all the member where hiding. It is not unusual to see single women even at closing time. These women did not have a list of the places where they can meet the single men and men have no idea how to find women.

I know that being single in Vancouver is not easy and there are a lot of attractive people walking around, but it seems like they do not interact with each other. They seem to pass each other by and go about their way.

If a man is looking where to meet single women he needs to bring good conversation, a little flirtation, and best of luck to him.

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Single women like sweet drinks, taking pictures to post on Instagram and finding a reason to dress up, have these drinks, and take these pictures. When a place makes sweet drinks topped with cotton candy single women flock to it. The Society is located in Yaletown and is filled with plenty of women that are looking to take pictures. There is some great food that brings the guys here including mac n cheese balls. With the sweet drinks and bar food, there are plenty of women around to meet.

The Bimini Public House

This is one of the newest places from the Donnelly Group and it is a success. This bar attracts plenty of single women and has a warm and friendly vibe. The bar is in the Kits, and every weekend the two-level bar is packed. There is a pool, a D floor located out back, a coed washroom, and plenty of single women. There is a large selection of beer and it is time to head out here for a good night.

The Met

Single women keep on coming back to this bar. It may be the tequila, but this bar is a right place. There is the D dance floor which is always busy and music from the 90s that many people still enjoy. These women are looking for men with money and they may not be all natural but they are also looking to have a good time. Single women love to dance and this is the place to go.

The Roof at Black and Blue

This bar has a patio and single women love to come here for a drink and dinner with friends. If they do not want dinner they can grab a snack and check out the setting sun on the patio. This place serves bacon wrapped scallops, nachos, and fried calamari. They also have steak and a number of fish dishes. There is some excellent signature drink, and the outdoor setting is the perfect place to meet people. It is as fresh as a Las Vegas club. This is a must stop place if you are looking to meet single women.

The Lamplighter

People stand in line to get in this bar. It has one of the best dance floors around. There is a Gastown feel to this bar. It has friendly people that are all dressed up in their designer clothing. There are some excellent drinks, many different types of beers, and some drinks that are very tasty. This has been one of my go-to places with my single friends for all of these reasons.

The Roxy

It does not matter what day or the week it is or what time of the year it is this place is always packed with drunk or almost drunk women. This place has great burgers. This is also a live dance floor and there are many chances to interact with other singles. I am going to a wedding from a couple that actually met at the Roxy.

Guilt & Co

This bar is different. There are board games, a red velvet cake, as well as live music. This combination attractive single women. The bar staff is attractive and there is plenty of music for women looking to be social with men or play a game with there. There are a number of beers on draft and there is also a coed washroom. There are a number of tables and the people here are friendly. Now is the time to check out this bar.

Library Square

This bar has it all. They have a jukebox, a game room, and play some of the best music from the 90s. This is another bar operated by the Donnelly group. There are plenty of food and drinks that taste good, live bands, and dancing. There are even events including the 80s dance party. Now is the time to stop by and check out this bar.

The Keg Rooftop

This bar is created in the image of Caesar. They have fresh baked bread and butter. They also have a great patio located on the roof. The bar is located in Yaletown. Every time I would go here with my single friends there were plenty of women. They were at the bar, at the tables, and even standing. This bar is so busy it is hard to get a seat. This is a great place to stop by and get a cocktail or even dinner. There are plenty of single ladies in attendance.

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