Tim Bourke

About Tim Bourke

Tim Bourke is one our co-founders and is our Chief Operations Manager. He is amazing leader and mentor to our employees. His technical and people skills make him an awesome "ninja" for all thing BUR-HAN Garden and Lawn Care. These articles are written by Tim or by the BH Team member or writer.

Landscaping for Real Estate

First impressions can be crucial, especially when it comes to real estate. Great landscaping can eas […]

Six Reasons to Love Your Mulch

Want gorgeous, fuss-free flowerbeds this spring?  Mulching is the way to go, conferring numerous adv […]

Tackling Water Problems in Your Backyard

You wake up to an idyllic day in the neighborhood.  The birds are chirping, the bees are buzzing… […]

Five Ways You Can Improve Your Soil Right Now

Last year, you did everything right in your garden: you planted when your Farmer’s Almanac advised; […]

How to Get Rid of Moss

Mossy Lawns: What To Do?
Moss can be a pain for homeowners in wet climates and on shady properties. […]

Benefits of Aeration

You’ve probably encountered aerated lawns sometime in your past. While some property owners have the […]

Pruning Tips for Early Spring

Let’s be honest: pruning can be a little intimidating. Lopping off parts of a tree or shrub seems to […]

How to Defeat Chafer Beetles

The Hitman’s Guide to Chafer Beetles
You wake up, just like any other morning – the coff […]

Procedures for the Perfect Green Space

Lawn Order
A poorly designed lawn is nothing short of criminal. Whether you’re starting from scratc […]

Love Your Lawn – Winter Addition

So… you’ve taken our sage advice and hauled that mower down to the shop for a good cleaning, sharpen […]