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Good Value and Investment

Bruno B. , North Vancouver
5 years ago I would never have considered a garden service but due to illness I was forced to use this service and realized that I was getting excellent results for a reasonable charge and have decided to stay with BUR-HAN Garden and Lawn Care.

Marilyn I. , West Vancouver
BUR-HAN Garden and Lawn Care provides great value, thank you for your service.

Jim , North Vancouver
Never had used anybody for myself but found BUR-HAN Garden and Lawn Care did a great job for a very reasonable price.

Heather S. , North Vancouver
A nice lawn is an asset and your staff work very hard and efficiently to perform their tasks. The results are worth the investment!

As a realtor, I recommend BUR-HAN Garden and Lawn Care for Yard “staging”.

Eileen Smith, North Vancouver


Pam M. , West Vancouver
I need to cut spending but BUR-HAN Garden and Lawn Care can’t go!

Mark V. , Lions Bay

We invested in a major garden upgrade with a brand new lawn so it made sense to entrust BUR-HAN Garden and Lawn Care with the care of the lawn to protect the investment and have a great looking lawn into the future.


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